About Us

Hile Group is a performance consultancy firm specializing in safety, continuous learning, and workplace documentation. Founded in 1991, Hile Group has helped organizations in diverse industries improve communication, build a safety culture based on accountability and responsibility, and transform workers into effective leaders.

Organizations rely on Hile Group both to shape a new safety culture and to revitalize once successful safety efforts. As a partner, Hile Group commits its expertise in safety, performance management, learning, and writing to:

  • Build working relationships between differing stakeholder groups: industry and education; corporations and regulatory agencies; management and unions; the office and the fleet/field.

  • Foster a transformative safety vision while equipping the organization with the skills to bring the vision to life.

  • Forge alliances across organizational mergers and through the public and private sectors.

  • Champion active, practical learning that helps people maximize their potential.

  • Ensure that learning is transferred meaningfully back to the job.

  • Build and redesign organization documents into real tools that support learning, communication, work processes, and change.

  • Steward the bottom line.

Hile Group’s Transfer-of-Learning model links learning with an organization’s specific priorities and experiences to bring immediate, demonstrable, and enduring results.

As a certified women-owned small business, Hile Group is a member of numerous industry associations, including:

  • American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

  • American Society of Safety Engineers

  • American Waterways Operators

  • Economic Development Council of Bloomington-Normal

  • International Society for Performance Improvement

  • McLean County Chamber of Commerce

  • Society of Technical Communicators

  • The League of Railway Industry Women

  • Western Dredging Association