Safety Leadership Team

Safety Leadership Teams provide safety leaders an important opportunity to build upon an understanding of safety theories and practices and advance initiatives within an organization’s larger safety system.

With extensive experience in safety and learning, Hile Group helps organizations build action-oriented teams prepared to tackle safety concerns or ideas with system-wide implications and measure progress on established goals.

Collaboration from a wide range of strategic stakeholders across an organization and its industry during team meetings helps:

  • Demonstrate safety commitment.

  • Strengthen accountability to safe work practices.

  • Reinforce the message of integrating safety into operations.

  • Move beyond discussions of problems to the identification of solutions.

  • Consistently implement core safety strategies.

  • Build communication on safety initiatives across crafts.

Organizations rely on Hile Group’s meeting management expertise and real-time coaching to develop and implement meeting agendas and activities and to support the transfer of decisions back on the job.