Close Call Reporting

Through close calls reporting systems, Hile Group helps organizations build a safety culture that is driven by a commitment to improve future performance.

Relying on its extensive and distinctive experience working as a partner on the railroad Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C3RS), Hile Group partners with organizations to develop a customized system for collecting and sharing information on incidents that could have resulted in an injury or property damage. Additional coaching in root cause analysis and statistical trending prepares organizations to implement corrective actions that mitigate risk and prevent the occurrence of a more serious event.

Close call reporting systems have helped organizations:

  • Decrease injuries and property loss.

  • Create a work environment where employees feel comfortable reporting errors.

  • Concentrate resources on safety initiatives with greatest potential for systemic impact.

  • Focus safety efforts on prevention instead of reaction through disciplinary actions.

  • Foster a work environment that encourages employees to communicate incidents and work together to identify a solution.

  • Build and strengthen relationships across crafts and between management and labor.

For a closer look at the impact of close calls in the rail industry, read this article describing C3RS at New Jersey Transit.  

“We have been trying for years to break through the Labor-Management barrier in this industry. I absolutely believe [C3RS] is our best hope of achieving this goal. This process is what is going to take us there.”