Multiple Cause Incident Analysis (MCIA)

The Hile Group Multiple Cause Incident Analysis process challenges pre-conceived conceptions of cause and effect while equipping organizations with the analysis tools needed to develop a systems approach to safety and performance management.

Through in-person workshops and follow-up reviews of worked cases, Hile Group provides organizations with a process and supporting job tools to be able to:

  • Collect the information needed to effectively analyze an incident or injury.

  • Analyze incidents without favoring information that confirms existing beliefs.

  • Identify factors that contributed to an event.

  • Move away from blaming the end of an error chain in favor of isolating root causes.

  • Develop countermeasures that close gaps in safety performance and prevent incidents from reoccurring.

  • Identify the various stakeholders and parts of the organization needed to prevent recurrence.

  • Track and measure the success of corrective actions to ensure they have the greatest long-term impact.

Integration of MCIA into operations enables organizations to foster a just and accountable safety culture through safety efforts that prevent the reoccurrence of an incident or injury, save lives, and guard the bottom line.